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all around equipment

remberg is building the XRM-System, a new breed of software to help companies digitize processes around equipment, such as machines, devices, buildings and vehicles, thereby setting the groundwork for the age of the Internet of Things (IoT).

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For your challenges
around your installed base

Service teams struggle with a whole range of challenges in their day-to-day business to serve an installed base e.g. of equipment. They typically face media discontinuity and data silos when solving cases that come in via phone or email that then have to enter the ERP system or DMS and are attached with a scanned service report as a PDF. Some teams still work on paper and only have unprecise master data on their installed base. There is hardly a service team that does not complain about a lack of capacity to switch from reactive to proactive.

Why the remberg solution?
To help you tackle the key challenges in service & after-sales

Resolve cases
faster & more effectively

With remberg, you solve service requests faster and more effectively: from recording, processing, and tracking to the successful completion of the request - in each case with a link to the digital lifecycle file of the associated equipment.

Plan work orders
more conveniently

With remberg you plan work orders in a more structured way without Excel. Manage your resources in one central, digital planning board. This way you increase the planning horizon and the utilization for your technicians.

Switch to mobile,
paperless, digital service

Offer your technicians and installers the ability to complete their reporting such as protocols, materials and their time tracking paperless, with photos, voice notes and auto pre-fill on their tablet, smartphone or laptop, even offline.

Reduce media discontinuity
in service

With remberg, communication and collaboration in service takes place in a central, all-in-one, digital solution. The commercial transactions remain in your ERP system, which can be connected to remberg via standard interfaces depending on your needs.

Maintain a 360° overview
in service

With remberg, you empower your employees to get an overview of your customers and the associated machines and equipment with the respective history in just a few clicks, enabling them to find the right, personalized response to inquiries more quickly.

Offer your customers
a digital service portal

With the remberg XRM, you proactively provide your customers with the most important service information and actions with just a few clicks in your own digital service portal. For example, customers can use QR codes on your equipment to access the relevant information more quickly.

All remberg features
for digital service

Equipment & Asset Management

A digital 360° view of your installed base of equipment

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Case Management

Resolve service cases faster and more effectively around your equipment

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Work Order Management

Plan and manage service, maintenance and repair work orders efficiently without Excel or paper.

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Forms Management

Switch to mobile, digital forms, reports and protocols

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Document Management

Provide documents & files for your equipment centralized

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From reactive
to proactive with remberg

Contact and Company Management

The 360° digital view of your contacts, customers, partners and other organizations

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Service Portal Management

Your digital point of contact in service around your equipment

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Knowledge Management

Secure and use the service knowledge and skills of your employees

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Further Information

A secure, configurable solution that adapts to your business

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With remberg, we no longer have a paper chaos in service, but a central software with which everything from the inquiry to the solution ends up in the digital lifecycle file of the respective machine with just a few clicks. The best thing is that we can invite our customers to the remberg software and thus provide them with a modern service portal in our company design. Felix Kämpfer Production Manager Stöckel Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH
Transparent service processes are crucial for us. With the remberg software, these processes run digitally and across all involved organisations. With remberg, our customers for example have access to digital operating manuals and digital service checkbooks. Theresa Lehner Head of Operations Open House of Energy GmbH
remberg has shown us through profound analyses, what the potential of our pumps is when it comes to service & after-sales and also how this can be implemented. Moritz Pastow Project Manager Digital Business Development LEWA GmbH

Why talk to us?

In an initial meeting by phone or online, we usually ask you a few questions to find out what challenges you face in service today and what your processes look like in the status quo. Only in this way can we determine whether we can help you make your service processes simpler, faster, more employee-friendly and
fit for the digital future.

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