Plan and manage service, maintenance and repair work orders efficiently without Excel or paper.

With the remberg XRM, you offer your employees a digital tool for planning, executing and following up on work orders.

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Central recording and management of all planned and unplanned work orders

Plannable jobs, such as maintenance and repair work orders, are an important part of a proactive service offering. Use automated reminders to never forget a scheduled service work order and keep track of them to ensure forward planning. Work orders that come in due to an unplanned event usually result from a customer request. Use remberg to record e.g. repair work orders with a link to a customer case and ensure that your field service staff can help your customers as quickly as possible.


Efficient collaboration around work orders within and beyond your service

See all work orders with status, categorizations and assignments to your service employees at a glance. Use the different views to ensure that all orders are assigned to the correct responsible persons and are thus traceable for all approved users.


Simple linking of work orders to your equipment

Once you have linked the work order to the correct equipment, it appears in the corresponding machine lifecycle file, including the work order history and documentation. This gives internal service and field service the transparency they need to make better decisions on the basis of the services performed.


Simple planning, dispatching and scheduling of work orders

See the planning for your technicians and resources at a glance with the help of the planning board. Schedule jobs simply via drag and drop to the right employee. Switch between daily, weekly, and monthly views to keep everything in sight from detailed micro to longer-term macro scheduling. Add person-specific events to your employees' schedules to mark absences and work hours, for example.


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In an initial meeting by phone or online, we will ask you about your challenges around your equipment. This way we can determine how we can help you with remberg XRM software to make your processes easier, faster, more employee-friendly, and fit for the digital future.

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