Your digital point of contact in service around your equipment

With the remberg XRM, you can offer your customers and service partners a modern, digital service portal in your own design with just a few clicks.

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Your digital service portal in your own design

Customize the remberg XRM to your corporate design including logo and colors. This allows you to show your own digital face across organizations when it comes to your equipment. Improve the perception of your company and simplify the cooperation with your customers and partners.


Manage your information transparently across multiple organizations

Whether your employees in the field, your customers, service partners, dealers or representatives: You centrally control who can view, edit or upload which information in your service portal related to your equipment. (See Rights Management and Document Management)


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In an initial meeting by phone or online, we will ask you about your challenges around your equipment. This way we can determine how we can help you with remberg XRM software to make your processes easier, faster, more employee-friendly, and fit for the digital future.

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