Switch to mobile, digital forms, reports and protocols

With remberg, paper-based reports and printed Excel and PDF templates belong to the past. Offer your technicians the possibility to fill out their reports on working times, expenses and materials fully paperless, mobile on a tablet, smartphone or laptop, even offline.

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Fill out forms, protocols and reports more efficiently

With remberg’s automatic pre-filling and intelligent templates, fewer mistakes happen and unnecessary bureaucracy is a thing of the past. Whether photos, voice notes or attached documents - with remberg you minimize the preparation, execution and also the post-processing effort for your technicians and your back office.

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Individual forms in your company design

From commissioning, approval and maintenance protocols to assembly or service reports. With the remberg Forms Management function, you will digitize all forms, checklists and protocols tailored to your company context, in your own design and PDF layout.


Fill out forms even without an active Internet connection with the remberg offline functionality

On average, your technicians do not have access to mobile internet at up to 30% of their job sites. With remberg, you ensure that your technicians can access and fill out information offline. So it does not matter where your technicians are, they can fill out forms & protocols offline. The information is then synchronized with remberg at the next possible time with an active internet connection.


remberg is available device-independently on Android, iOS and Windows

remberg's form management can be used on any device with a browser, whether PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Depending on the use case with increased need for offline availability, we recommend equipping your technicians with up-to-date devices to ensure user-friendliness.


Reduce multiple maintenance efforts through interfaces

With the help of standardized interfaces to your existing IT systems, you save yourself multiple handling and filing efforts. For example, the time tracking of your technicians can be mirrored directly to the respective ERP system and invoicing can be started.


Why talk to us?

In an initial meeting by phone or online, we usually ask you a few questions to find out what challenges you face in service today and what your processes look like in the status quo. Only in this way can we determine whether we can help you make your service processes simpler, faster, more employee-friendly and fit for the digital future.

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