The 360° digital view of your contacts, such as customers, partners and other organizations

Manage your contact and company data with associated master data, properties and linked information for all your users in one centralized digital solution.

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Keep track of your contacts and company data

When it comes to providing the best service to your machinery, several parties are usually involved. Depending on the machine or equipment, these are manufacturers, service partners, dealers, representatives and operators, i.e. customers. Manage the respective contact and company data centrally with links to the respective machines and equipment to be able to react even faster.


Find the right customer information in no time

Whether you are searching by asset number, customer organization, contact, or any other customer-specific property: Thanks to the comprehensive search function in remberg with filter options, you and your employees will get to the right information about the respective customer much faster. With the map function, you can also see at any time where, which customer has installed which of your assets.


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In an initial meeting by phone or online, we usually ask you a few questions to find out what challenges you face in service today and what your processes look like in the status quo. Only in this way can we determine whether we can help you make your service processes simpler, faster, more employee-friendly and fit for the digital future.

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