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With the remberg XRM Customer Service module, you will solve service requests faster and more effectively.

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For helpdesk, backoffice and in-house service teams

With the remberg Customer Service module, you provide your colleagues in the service department, helpdesk and back office a digital tool to solve service requests of any kind faster and more effectively: From the recording, processing and follow-up to the successful completion of the request - each with a link to the digital lifecycle file of the associated equipment or asset.

Why remberg Customer Service?
To help you overcome the most important challenges in customer service

Greater productivity in customer service

With remberg you will increase the productivity of your office staff by up to 25% when it comes to more efficient processing, tracking and resolution of all types of requests e.g. for problems, documents, warranty cases, spare parts and much more.

Shorter processing times for service requests

As a result of the improved, more transparent processing of requests in the service department through remberg, you can reduce the processing time from the initial request to successful completion by up to 50%.

Increased customer satisfaction and fewer complaints

When inquiries no longer get stuck in your employees' mailboxes, processing times for inquiries become shorter, and service quality improves. As a result, you will experience a noticeable increase in customer satisfaction.

Maintain a 360° overview of requests, customers around your installed base

With the remberg XRM, you enable your employees to get an overview of your customers and the associated inquiries, machines and equipment in your installed base with the appropriate history with just a few clicks and thus find the right, personalized answer faster.

Involve employees from all areas of your company

For some requests, your service employees need support from other areas, such as construction. With remberg, you can create users for any colleague in your company and collaborate intuitively on solving requests.

All requests in one place

Whether you receive requests by phone, email or fax, benefit from collecting, processing and resolving all requests centrally in one solution. Say goodbye to confusing shared email inboxes and undocumented customer calls.

Equipment & Asset Management

A digital 360° view of your installed base of equipment

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Case Management

Resolve service cases faster and more effectively around your equipment

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Document Management

Provide documents & files for your equipment centralized

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With remberg, we no longer have a paper chaos in service, but a central software with which everything from the inquiry to the solution ends up in the digital lifecycle file of the respective machine with just a few clicks. The best thing is that we can invite our customers to the remberg software and thus provide them with a modern service portal in our company design. Felix Kämpfer Production Manager Stöckel Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH
Transparent service processes are crucial for us. With the remberg software, these processes run digitally and across all involved organisations. With remberg, our customers for example have access to digital operating manuals and digital service checkbooks. Theresa Lehner Head of Operations Open House of Energy GmbH
With remberg, my maintenance and repair team quickly converted paper-based maintenance plans and checklists for our equipment into a user-friendly digital form. Each machine has a unique QR code: When you scan it, you immediately see the right manual, the next maintenance tasks, or you can add a new note or pictures to the machine's digital lifecycle file with just a few clicks. Ingo Hild Plant Manager Schwabmünchen OSRAM GmbH

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In an initial meeting by phone or online, we will ask you about your challenges around your equipment. This way we can determine how we can help you with remberg XRM software to make your processes easier, faster, more employee-friendly, and fit for the digital future.

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